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Training and education are core to the development and implementation of standards in the cannabis and hemp industries. To ensure quality, safety, and compliance, stakeholders should be trained and certified on established best practices and standard operating procedures.


ASTM and our training partner Green Flower Media make training your team easy with flexible courses led by leading industry experts.

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Expand your team’s knowledge with in-person and online training courses that cover all areas of the cannabis and hemp industry. Our targeted multi-course programs allow you to earn certificates in:


General Fundamentals

Business Essentials

“We believe that trusted cannabis education is the key to empowering businesses, investors, advocates, researchers, and enthusiasts.”

– Green Flower Media

Learn at Your Own Pace

Professional training and development are critical, but we know it’s not your only priority. That’s why our courses are designed to fit your schedule and learning speed with a blend of interactive exercises, reference materials, and quizzes.


Take advantage of a comprehensive training program with self-paced e-learning courses for both novice and seasoned stakeholders. Covering a wide range of key industry topics, our specialized courses are both time-friendly and cost-effective.

Expert Training Is a Competitive Advantage

Learn How Standards Training Can Keep Your Organization on Top

Get Guidance From Industry Experts

Tap into the extensive knowledge and experience of recognized leaders within the cannabis and hemp industry. Created and taught by the same experts who’ve developed the ASTM International cannabis standards, our courses will teach you how to evaluate products and processes using established cannabis standards and test methods.

Getting the Training You Need Is Easier Than You Think

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