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Medical Cannabis Product Quality Webinar Part Two – A Global Overview
June 22, 2023

ASTM and USP have organized this free interactive webinar to share the findings of our December 2022 workshop. Key topics will be presented by experts from UN INCB, WHO IRCH, Thailand, and Australia. The global audience will be able to participate through online polls and the visualization of their feedback. This webinar is expected to improve our understanding of the impact and purpose of harmonization of specifications on the industry, regulatory, and laboratory aspects of cannabis quality

Webinar - Learn How to Use Important Cannabis Standards, Meet State Requirements, and Improve Your Business with ASTM Cannabis Training
September 7, 2022

Learn from the industry experts from ASTM International and Medical Marijuana 411 about our industry training options for regulators, cultivators and producers, business owners, labs, and consumers and how it can improve your business.

Webinar - A Harmonized Universal Symbol for Cannabis is Here! Everything You Need to Know About the International Intoxicating Cannabinoid Product Symbol (IICPS)
June 1, 2022

ASTM D8441/8441M, Specification for an International Symbol for Identifying Consumer Products Containing Intoxicating Cannabinoids, serves to establish a harmonized warning symbol that is truly international. Learn from the expert industry stakeholders and members of ASTM Committee D37 on Cannabis who helped develop the standard how to use the symbol, how it will help the marketplace and much more.

Webinar - Cannabis Standards: Why the Industry Needs Them, How You Can Contribute, and the ASTM 360-Degree Approach
April 6, 2022

Join Committee D37 manager and members to learn how you contribute and the latest on key ASTM cannabis standards, including the new international intoxicating cannabinoid products symbol (IICPS) and water activity for flower. We'll also discuss ASTM cannabis standards in development for cultivation, testing, processing, handling, packing, labeling, distribution, industrial hemp, and more.

Webinar - Scientific Standards in Cannabis, Gaps, and How Industry Aligns

Kathleen May, chair of Committee D37 on Cannabis, joins this panel discussion addressing the scientific standards in cannabis. Panelists will examine the work that is being done to protect public health and safety, identify any gaps that currently exist, and discuss how the industry can align to achieve best practices.

Webinar - Cannabis Standardization: Product Quality Specification and Certification Programs Are Finally Here

ASTM D37 members David Vaillencourt and Darwin Millard discuss the need for standards and certification for cannabis, the latest Committee D37 activities, and how you can contribute.

Podcast - National Cannabis Industry Association - The Cannabis Industry Voice:
The Science of Standardization in Cannabis

Learn more about the science of standardization in cannabis with ASTM D37 Member Darwin Millard. Darwin, aka the Spock of Cannabis, is a cannabis industry thought leader with over 14-years of hands-on extraction and product manufacturing experience.

Podcast - National Cannabis Industry Association - The Cannabis Industry Voice:
The New Cannabis and Hemp Symbol Standardization

Learn more about the new universal symbol for the cannabis/hemp industry with ASTM members Darwin Millard, the Spock of Cannabis, and David Vaillencourt founder and CEO of the GMP Collective.

Podcast - National Cannabis Industry Association - The Cannabis Industry Voice:
Securing the Future of Cannabis Through Standardization

Hear from longtime ASTM member Cary Black, current chair of Subcommittee D37.06 on Personnel Training, Assessment, and Credentialing, about the importance of standards in the cannabis industry.

Podcast - Analytical Cannabis :
Real-Time Reactions and Legal Implications of ASTM International Standards for Cannabis Product Labeling

Learn more about new standards for cannabis labeling, including the International Symbol for Intoxicating Cannabinoids, from Darwin Millard, active ASTM member and chair of Subcommittee D37.04 on Processing and Handling.

ASTM Cannabis Symposia and Workshops

ASTM Conference on Overcoming Barriers to Entry in Cannabis Industries: Views from Around the World - January 27-28, 2025, Cape Town, South Africa
Workshop on Cannabis Medicine Quality – Barriers, Gaps, and Opportunities for Global Standards: Addressing the Recommendations of the USP-ASTM Cannabis Quality Workshops - June 10, 2024, Philadelphia, PA
Virtual Workshop on the Analytical Methods for Hemp Products as Animal Feed: How to Overcome Gaps in Matrices, Detectors and Quantifiable Limits for Regulators and Laboratories - April 24-25, 2023
Global Workshop on Cannabis Product Quality Hosted by ASTM International and United States Pharmacopeia - December 7-8, 2022
2nd Global Workshop on Advancing the Field of Cannabis Through Standardization - December 2021
ASTM D37 Workshop on Elemental Contaminants in Cannabis/Hemp Consumer Products – June 2021

Industry Events

Analytical Cannabis Expo North America Online

How Over 1,000 Global Experts Are Developing Standards That Can Harmonize the Cannabis Industry
Listen for an in-depth presentation on the work of ASTM Committee D37 on Cannabis and the importance of cannabis standardization with D37 Vice Chair David Vaillencourt.

Standards Development Meetings

ASTM Committee D37 on Cannabis

Full Committee Meeting:
June 9-11, 2024
Philadelphia, PA

ASTM Committee D37 on Cannabis

Full Committee Meeting:
January 27-31, 2025
Cape Town, South Africa

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