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Learn how to use and comply with key cannabis safety standards that can directly impact your business

ASTM Cannabis Training

All training attendees receive copies of the standards and materials referenced, plus continuing education credits.

Live Training

Introduction to Corrective Action Preventive Action, CAPA, for the Cannabis Industry

Learn the foundations for implementing and applying a Corrective Action and Preventive Action (CAPA) program for the cannabis industry in conformance with ASTM D8229.


Course Dates:
October 18, 2021
December 14, 2021

On-Demand Training and eLearning

Cannabis Science: Understanding the Role of Water Activity in Safety and Quality – eLearning Course

Covers how to use key standards ASTM D8196, Standard Practice for Determination of Water Activity in Cannabis Flower, and ASTM D8197, Specification for Maintaining Acceptable Water Activity Range for Dry Cannabis Flower. Learn how to define water activity in technical and lay terms, the importance of water activity control, and economic and regulatory considerations.

Quality Management System (QMS) for the Cannabis Industry

Learn why an effective Quality Management System (QMS) is vital to product safety, quality, and regulatory compliance in the cannabis industry. You’ll gain a better understanding of quality issues and associated risks to help you make effective decisions for your business.

ASTM D8220 Standard Guide for Conducting Recall/Removal Procedures for Products in the Cannabis Industry – eLearning Course
ASTM D8222 Standard Guide for Establishing a QMS for Consumer Use of Cannabis/Hemp Complaints – eLearning Course
ASTM D8286 Standard Guide for Processing Cannabis Product Complaints – eLearning Course
ASTM D8308 Standard Practice for Cannabis/Hemp Operation Compliance Audits – eLearning Course

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