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Our comprehensive, consensus-based approach offers all stakeholders a say in cannabis standards development. Members include stakeholders from across the cannabis and hemp industry – from cultivators, producers, and labs to distributors, researchers, and business owners. 

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As a member of Committee D37, you’re a member of ASTM International, and enjoy many benefits that provide incredible value to you and your business.

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Participate in and lend your expertise to an unlimited number of technical committees.

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Tap into a global network of peers willing to share expertise to help your business grow.

From craft cultivators to large-scale licensed producers, anyone with an interest in any aspect of the industry is welcome to join.

“Standardization accelerates consistency and harmonization leading to improved economics, improved and better funded medical research, and improvements in consumer safety on an international level.”

– Cary Black, CEO and Principal Consultant of CK Black Group

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