Cannabis Proficiency Testing and Certification Programs

Improve Quality and Comply With Regulations

Improving quality while maintaining health and safety is key to the cannabis and hemp industry’s growth. ASTM’s robust range of testing solutions and certification programs helps laboratories, cultivators, producers, and more implement industry standards and address important safety regulations.

Proficiency Testing:
Gain Control Over Quality and Safety

Improve testing procedures, compare with your competitors, and meet safety regulations with our unique cannabis and hemp proficiency testing programs (PTPs). Our testing solutions reflect real-world processes, helping cannabis and hemp businesses gain actionable insights and produce quality products.

Water Activity in Whole Hemp Flower Program

ASTM’s Water Activity in Whole Hemp Flower Proficiency Testing Program (PTP) provides laboratories with a statistical quality assurance (SQA) tool to use when testing hemp flower samples. Designed to reflect real-world processes, our testing samples arrive ready to grind and test – no spiking necessary.

  1. Perform tests in your own facility using the ASTM standard for Determination of Water Activity in Cannabis Flower.
  2. Send results using ASTM’s custom web portal.
  3. Use results to improve performance, meet accreditation requirements, and compare with competing labs.


With 50+ programs created by our subject-matter standards experts, labs worldwide turn to ASTM International for all their proficiency testing needs. These cost-effective programs help improve performance and give your business a competitive edge. 


Our custom testing portal helps you easily track data and compare results with other labs. Show customers that your lab adheres to the top industry safety standards in the world.

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Maintain Safe Handling and Manufacturing Processes

Learn 7 Steps for Cannabis Certification

Certification Programs:
Ground Your Business in Best Practices

ASTM CANNQ/HEMPQ Certification Program

ASTM’s Cannabis Certification Program is the first-of-its-kind, quality GMP system and product safety certification for the cannabis and hemp industry. The program is managed by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI), an affiliate of ASTM International, in partnership with The GMP Collective and supported by the Policy Center for Public Health and Safety.

Open to cultivators, extractors, and producers, this program allows industry stakeholders to:

GMP Quality Audits

Our full GMP quality audits review 19 specific elements in Committee D37’s growing list of industry standards. Improve your quality management systems, establish strong operating procedures, and ensure your facilities adhere to required safety regulations.

In addition to leveraging ASTM standards, our audits use established manufacturing and agriculture practices specific to cannabis and hemp. You’ll be able to improve:

“A quality system is effective and applies across all jurisdictions and operations. Thus it has significant value.”

– David Vaillencourt, Chief Executive Officer, The GMP Collective

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