Cannabis Standards
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Setting the Standard for Quality, Compliance,
and Safety in the Cannabis and Hemp Industry

Standards are critical to addressing key needs in the cannabis industry, including quality control, safety, and compliance. The rigor and process behind the historical ASTM standardization process serves to build public credibility, confidence, and trust while offering the industry a path to growth.

The Need for Standards in the
Cannabis Industry

Standards provide a valuable baseline for everyone that the cannabis industry impacts. From cultivators and consumers to labs and legislators, standardization eliminates confusion by defining what quality, safe, and compliant mean. It also levels the playing field for all industry stakeholders and improves quality, testing, and procedures for cannabis businesses worldwide.

ASTM International Committee D37 on Cannabis pulls together experts from across the cannabis and hemp industry to develop consensus-based standards driven by the deep knowledge and experience of its members. To date, D37 has published over 50 standards and has dozens more currently in development.

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Published Standards


Standards in Development

“Standardization accelerates consistency and harmonization leading to improved economics, improved and better funded medical research, and improvements in consumer safety on an international level.”

– Cary Black, CEO and Principal Consultant of CK Black Group

Ongoing Standards Development for
a Rapidly Growing Industry

As the cannabis industry continues to mature, new standards will be developed and existing ones will be updated to reflect important changes and advancements. Committee D37 is committed to the ongoing development and improvement of cannabis standards, including:

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Evolving standards are essential to a rapidly growing cannabis industry but can pose challenges for organizations that need to stay current with those updates and changes. Our easy-to-use ASTM Compass® portal provides organization-wide, immediate access to the latest cannabis and hemp standards your team needs.

Keep Pace With Changing Standards

Learn How You Can Stay Current on Evolving Cannabis Standards

The Global Standardization Experts

Emerging industries such as cannabis turn to ASTM International and our 125+ years of experience as a leading international standards developer. Our well-established technical infrastructure and secure processes ensure all standards are developed in a fair, consensus-based manner.

Our dynamic custom collaboration and publishing technologies bring standards to market in months. By consistently seeking out the industry’s needs and addressing them through our consensus-based approach, we’re able to help the cannabis industry flourish.

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