Committee D37
on Cannabis

Contribute to Industry Standards
and Make Your Voice Heard

In 2017, globally recognized industry leaders came to ASTM
International with a shared goal — to develop standards
addressing quality and safety in the burgeoning cannabis
and hemp industry.

The Trusted Leader for Cannabis Standardization

In a short time, D37 has emerged as the global leader in the development of cannabis and hemp standards. Boasting more than 1,200 industry experts, the group quickly established over 40 standards that advance the safety, manufacturing, and quality of cannabis products and processes. Additionally, dozens of standards are in development.

On the strength of its work, ASTM Committee D37 has become the trusted resource in the cannabis and hemp industry for the most comprehensive standards.







A Membership of Equity,
Diversity, and Inclusion

D37 members include a balanced cross section of the cannabis industry, including cultivators, processors, distributors, regulators, researchers, and laboratories. Our volunteer members hail from over 30 countries and include representatives of key advocacy groups such as the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp, the National Research Council of Canada, Health Canada, and U.S. Pharmacopeia.

From craft cultivators to large-scale licensed producers, anyone with an interest in any aspect of the industry is welcome to join and directly contribute to important safety standards.

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“For there to be a safe and reliable supply of cannabis, all parties involved need to have the proper standards available to them.”

– Ralph Paroli, National Research Council of Canada and past Committee D37 Chair

Make Your Voice Heard

Core to ASTM is the concept that consensus is key to standards development. As such, each member of Committee D37 has a seat at the table and an equal voice in the process.

Every approved standard goes through an established balloting and voting process to maintain balance among competing interests and ensure every stakeholder has a say. As a participating committee member, you have the chance to review and vote on new cannabis and hemp standards as well as important revisions to existing standards.

We’re Bringing Cannabis Standards Into Focus

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Two Ways to Get Involved Now

D37 meets in person twice annually with virtual meetings throughout the year to engage in standards development and address evolving industry needs. There are two ways to get involved with and contribute to the committee.

Become a D37 Member Now

Whether you’re beginning your cannabis journey or are an established stakeholder, we’re eager to welcome contributing members from across the industry. Work alongside your peers and be at the forefront of standards development for cannabis and hemp. Grow your network via direct access to the world’s top cannabis experts and business professionals.


Join a Task Group

If you’re not ready to join, you can still attend a D37 meeting. Nonmembers can also contribute to one of our task groups working on dozens of proposed new cannabis standards. Share your knowledge while experiencing the ASTM process firsthand in one of these subcommittees:

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